1-31-13 Shadows at the County Cage in St Paul, NE.

Paul was reacting to the REM POD on the bar that had just alarmed. Do you notice a shadowy figure towering above him? Ileata took this with the full spectrum camera.

7-16-12 Waverly Hills Sanitorium, Louisville, KY.

4-30-12 The Cage in California

I took this picture of Paul at The Cage when he was alone at the monitor but there was so much light lag in the photo that I put it aside in the "bad" pile. Then I took a closer look. If you blow it up full screen you can see what looks like someone leaning on the bar on the left of Paul, watching him. On the right, by the bud lite sign, there is a dark shadow with the face of a girl. Then, on the left side of the monitor screen there is the head and torso of a man there, too.


Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park – Burwell, Nebraska

Fort Hartsuff was an active fort from 1874 to 1881 offering protection for the settlers during the Plains Indian Wars. It also became a social center for the people of the plains area. The settlers sold their goods, found work and socialized at the fort. When the train came through the area there was no longer a need for the fort and it was closed. The Park was comprised of 1280 acres and today 13 acres of land is under the management of the state park group.

The nine original permanent buildings on the Park grounds are constructed of grout, a mixture of gravel, lime, and cement similar to concrete. Some former temporary structures and other features such as the original Fort cemetery are on private property.

Abandoned in 1881, the buildings were purchased by the Union Pacific Railroad, whose intention to establish an immigrant center here was never realized. In 1897 the site was purchased by local investors. It became a farm headquarters until donated to the State of Nebraska in 1961 by Glen and Lillian Auble of Ord. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is responsible for restoration and maintenance of the Park as a part of the state-wide Historical Parks system. The Park and surrounding district was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Location: 10 mi. S.E. on NE Hwy 11 to Elyria, 3 1/2 mi. N.

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