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An avid believer in the spiritual realm, I always had a strong interest in becoming a paranormal investigator. My DVR used to be filled with ghost investigation shows on TV, which I would watch for hours.


When my family and I moved into a house, we noticed certain things were starting to happen, and to us- it didn't seem real. We had call in some help to get answers. We got in touch with Kris, the Team Leader of Synergy Paranormal Investigations, and her team came out to investigate.


After that, I became fully hooked. We called upon Synergy to investigate again, and this time I joined them. I've been in love ever since, and have found a piece of my soul that was, for lack of a better term, just waiting to be found.

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All inquiries should be emailed to Danielle Pracht, case manager for Synergy Paranormal Investigations.

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In loving memory of Sheri Dowse

Beloved friend and fellow Synergy Paranormal Investigations team member. R.I.P.

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